Services & Solutions

S&S (Services & Solutions)

We are at Alfa strive to meet ALL of your recycling needs. With years of experience in industrial, commercial and municipal recycling programs, we integrate our extensive expertise with our sophisticated tools and solutions through a certain chain of order and applications to best cater your own customized recycling program.

Our S&S extends to handling and managing most kind of recyclables and providing the appropriate solutions for the waste stream required which includes:

Consumer solutions

Home solutions

We pledge ourselves to contribute on the wellbeing of our local community and aspire to raise generations who are fully concerned and genuine Eco-friends to the environment.

Thus, we are pleased to offer personalized door-to-door services for ALL those keening on aiding us in our quest of creating a restored environmental balance in our beloved Bahrain.

So help us thinking outside the box by segregating every single type of recyclables at the convenient of your own backyard, and reap all the great benefits of being a good Eco-buddy on both short & long term. Contact us today to get your home recycling center free of charges and find out how rewarding giving back to the environment can be!

Business solutions

Our objective is to provide the commercial sector with waste management systems that suits the clients’ recycling needs.

Those may all include the provision of both indoor & outdoor solutions and extends to the inauguration of sophisticated wide range of latest recycling techniques & hardware on both in-house or at the client’s own premises.

Please contact us to inquire about our comprehensive services and setup your own customize program and collection of recyclables ALL FREE of charges.

  • Office
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Municipal
  • Ministerial

Recyclables: Papers with all its subgrades

We accept and handle all of YOUR paper waste with all the different grades and ranges i.e.:

  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • Newspapers & Magazines: (over issued or di-inked)
  • Telephone directories, School books and Pamphlets
  • All types of office papers
  • Mixed or colored papers
  • Computer printout paper

OR by the international paper grade coding system:

(OCC, NCC, ONP, OINP, BBC, OMG, SWL, SOP, POC, BOOKS & DIRECTORIES and many more others of your home, office, archives and over capacitated storage

Recyclables: Plastic

There are about 50 different group of Plastics with hundreds of varieties and fortunately, for this planet nearly ALL are recyclables! We at ALFA realize how CRITICAL the recycling of PLASTIC is; as it is considered one of the most Eco – adversary substances (due to its slow degradation nature) if not handled and isolated in a proper manner.

As it is well known that the export of reprocessed plastic waste is strictly prohibited by MOIC in Bahrain, we arrange the flow of our recycled material among a network of some well-established and reputed local dealers and vendors. We cater almost all known recyclable plastic grades included but not limited to (As per marked and coded by SPI*):

  • HDPE: (High Density Polyethylene) mostly used in Bottles, Grocery bags, Picnic tables, playground materials, Detergents and miscellaneous containers
  • LDPE: (Low Density Polyethylene) used in Food containers & Lids, Plastic Wrappings, Trays, Tubing, multiple drinks ring holder and computer component
  • PET: (Polyethylene Terephthalate) mostly used in Carpets, Food and Liquid Packaging (Water and soft drinks bottles), oven ready food trays and textiles
  • PP: (Polypropylene) Heat resistant plastic and it is mostly used in Auto accessories, microwavable meal trays, Shipping pallets and Storage bins
  • PS: (Polystyrene) Versatile plastic that can take more than one form which makes it highly used in the manufacturing of Cameras, Plastic cutlery, Protective packaging for electronic goods & toys, some vending cups and Thermometers
  • PVC: (Polyvinyl Chloride) has unique electric and chemical characteristics which makes it perfect for the manufacturing of Cables, Electrical boxes, Pipes and Floor tiles

Recyclables: Metals

Yes! We do accept all of the Junk and scraps piling up in your garage or own backyard even though it is not our favorite!

Through the extensive knowledge of our team of experts, we can help you with the layoff of all unwanted household appliances, old auto parts and machineries, and some E-scraps i.e. (CDs, hard drives, gadgets, routers and all sort of mobile devices). We handle the destruction/ disposal of these items with the utmost sense of care and professionalism due to the highest sensitivity and maybe sentimental value of their contents. Although a complete wipeout to the device is highly advised, yet we would assure you that absolutely NADA would escape the sophistication of our technique and we can back that up with visual/ hard evidence or even an official certificate upon request.