What We Do


We are a Bahraini founded and based company who is been providing Bahrain with Eco-friendly services and different Waste Management & Recycling (Solutions) for the last 30 years. Our aim is to create a hassle free approach to recycling which everyone can get involved in, with the ultimate goal of greatly reducing the waste that is needlessly being sent to local landfills and creating an environment, we are all proud to live in. (a better environmental balance for the future generations of our beautiful Bahrain)

Consumer solutions

We pledge ourselves to contribute on the wellbeing of our local community and aspire to raise generations who are fully concerned and genuine Eco-friends to the environment.

Business solutions

Our objective is to provide the commercial sector with waste management systems that suits the clients’ recycling needs.


Papers with all its subgrades, plastic and metals.

Subsidiaries & Affiliates

We proudly operates on local and regional aspect through numerous joint ventures including:

  • Want 2 Recycle (Bahrain)
  • Paper Chase International Inc. (UAE)
  • Maher Almaskati Paper Factory (KSA)


ALFA started as a freight forwarding company in the early 80s until 1989 when the company initiated a unit that deals with the collection and segregation of waste cardboard and paper generated from the clearance and delivery of packages alongside cargo boxes. The Executive management led back then by founder and current Chairman Mr. Maher Almaskati took an instant interest in the business and followed the trend with taking some baby yet turned out to be giant steps in the introduction of some basic recycling solutions and machineries. Not long, before that unit grew and the scale of operations have shifted towards identifying and targeting the different sources of national recyclables market and laying the foundation of the very first cornerstone to the vision, values and business ethics driving the past and present goals on which this company have been constituted.

In the pursue of further success, ALFA decided to form an alliance with UAE founded and based Paper Chase International who’s considered one of the major players of the recycling industry in the region and which through many other business ventures and affiliates has been established towards the mutual goal of regional and global expansion.

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